Training and Behaviour

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David taking a group training class, on dry days they are held outside and during wet weather they are in the hall which has a kitchen for tea and coffee breaks and toilet facilities. 

We currently run six classes each week in Theydon Bois, Essex, including The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme; Bronze, Silver and Gold and a fantastic Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course. Our training ethos is to create a solid bond between dog and owner built on trust and fairness. Training is approached in a positive and fun way. We welcome all breeds of dog of all abilities.

Both David and Clare are members of The Guild of Dog Trainers and have various qualifications in Training and Behaviour.



We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes, trick training is always fun as this Chihuahua demonstrates.

One to one Behaviour sessions

One to one training and behaviour sessions can be booked, these last approximately one hour and cost from £50, sessions can take place at your home or at the training hall or local park. These are tailored to suits the individual requirements of clients, ideal if you wish to work on specific issues your dog may be having and are ideal for reactive or nervous dogs unable to cope in a class environment.

Issues covered include:
• Aggression to dogs/people
• Separation anxiety
• Excessive barking
• Hyperactivity
• Puppy behaviour consultations
• Destructive behaviour
• Mouthing/play biting
• Jumping up
• Recall issues
• Unwanted chasing
• Boisterousness
• Lead pulling
• Toilet training
• Untrained dogs.