David’s top tips in The Mail on Sundays YOU Magazine


David's top tips on helping a rescue dog settle in a new home

David’s top tips on helping a rescue dog settle in a new home

In January an article was published in The Mail on Sunday YOU magazine about Nikki Tibbles and Wild at Heart Foundation, David was asked to compile some top tips for helping a rescue dog settle when going to a new home. The more preparation that is put in before the dog arrives the better, David advises people daily on this subject and says ‘dogs are individual and all react differently, but there are some general things that can be put in place to help a smooth transition’.



YOU magazine featuring Nikki Tibbles, co-founder of Wild at Heart Foundation.

This charity works tirelessly helping dogs globally, the professional team find solutions to even the most difficult rescue situations. If you are thinking of adopting a dog or considering a donation this charity is a great place to start. Check out their website http://www.wildatheartfoundation.org



Great article raising awareness of Wild at Heart Foundation and the amazing work they do.

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