Elmtree Training & Education Centre, Harmony & Sensitivity Classes

Harmony pic

David takes Harmony behaviour classes at Elmtree Training and Education Centre for reactive dogs. These are ideal for dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs, or dogs that are over stimulated by their environment. Owners gain the skills to work under their dog’s threshold where they can learn to be comfortable in the presence of other dogs, recognise their dog’s tolerances and reduce their stresses.

Distraction, distance and duration are the foundations that Harmony are built on, owners are shown many techniques to help manage their dogs. Areas covered include: teaching dogs to resist a tight lead and loose lead walking; how the environment can affect a dog’s behaviour; breed specific issues; recognising what motivates individual dogs; life skills and understanding compounding issues to problems.

Sensitivity classes are suitable for rescue, fearful, shy or nervous dogs. David concentrates on confidence building and changing dog’s emotional response to fear-causing stimuli. Classes slowly increase your dog’s confidence week by week at a pace suitable to each dog.

David looks at each dog as an individual and works with this in mind, classes are small consisting of no more than 6 dogs, they have been successful for Elmtree with amazing feedback from clients. If your dog is having social issues of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us or the centre direct to see if classes are appropriate for your dog. Below is the link to the website:



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