Rhubarb’s first flight


Emma with the lovely Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a young Hungarian Vizsla, typical of her breed she is full of energy and easily excited. She has been coming on Homeward Hounds walks since a puppy and is maturing beautifully. As part of her training she has attended David’s Calm and Confident classes at Elmtree Training and Education Centre, the classes are designed to help dogs learn life skills and teach them how to deal with everyday situations that may arise. Rhubarb recently took her first journey on a plane. Emma sent me this feed back: ” Rhubarb’s first flight! Thanks to your Calm and Confident classes Dave, she walked straight up that narrow, metal, wobbly, bobbly stair case! She didn’t mind at all” Not your everyday experience for a dog admittedly, but the classes prepared Rhubarb to embrace new experiences with confidence and trust in her owners. If you are interested in these specialist classes for your dog please let us know or contact the centre directly their website is https://www.elmtreepethotel.co.uk/training/


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